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Hybel is one of the main Brazilian players in the metalworking segment. Since 1981, it operates in the segment of pumps and hydraulic engines. Within its segment, the company has the largest number of distribution and business units at the main centers in the country.

Located in Criciúma, Santa Catarina, one of the states with the highest index of economic and social development in Brazil, the company currently has a highly qualified team of professionals and has its own casting and heat treatment unit, besides owning the ISO 9001:2015 certified system of quality, ensuring the quality of Hybel products.



To develop and provide hydraulic solutions, contributing to the continuous improvement of our customers in a fast and confident way.



To be present in the Americas as a supplier of hydraulic solutions, guaranteeing sustainable results.



- Offer only what you can handle with;
- The person next to you is as important as you;
- The continuous improvement depends on us and is built in a daily basis;
- Honesty and ethics are paramount;
- Impress the customer;
- There is no development without communication;
- Transparency is part of our credibility;
- Spirit of partnership;


BEL EXPORT HIDRODINÂMICA LTDA, producer of pumps, engines and flow dividers, headquartered in Criciúma with subsidiaries in the cities of Recife, São Paulo, Cuiabá, Porto Alegre, Goiânia, Ribeirão Preto, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Piracicaba and Chicago (USA) undertakes to:

  • Serve our customers well, offering products and services that meet their needs through meeting their requirements;

  • Provide prompt and thorough responses to our clients' inquiries and complaints and meet the promised deadlines;

  • Ensure fast delivery of products, as well as meeting product specifications and product quality;

  • Do things right from the first time, eliminating the waste of time and materials, contributing to cost reduction and increased profitability;

  • Develop new products and processes;

  • Treat our suppliers as partners, even contributing to the development of their quality standards;

  • Improve the quality of life of employees, keeping a clean, neat and safe work environment, seeking to preserve the environment and natural resources;

  • Provide opportunity for everyone to improve in the company and to better perform their tasks;

  • Promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

selo de qualidade



Hybel is a securities firm focused on social responsibility activities, which are taken seriously to contribute effectively to improving the quality of life of society. Thus, the company is involved with the education of young students from technical schools such as SATC, located in the South of Brazil. It is also a partner of Bairro da Juventude, which currently serves more than 1,500 children, young adults and adults enrolled in programs of early childhood education, primary education and professional education. These schools offer training for skilled labor for the job market.

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